The Shop is where a Fashionista can go to purchase new clothes, new vehicles, and new perks. The Shop consists of three main sections - Essentials, Perks, and Vehicles. The shop also has access to the Rare Items page.

Essentials Edit

Essentials are items that your Fashionista can't live without or clothing items that are extremely important to your Fashionista. After all, a girl has to look her best at all times.

List of Essentials Edit

Perks Edit

Perks can include anything from a manicure/pedicure to getting a hair coloring. These help to ensure that your Fashionista is looking her best at all times.

List of Perks Edit

Vehicles Edit

Every Fashionista needs a vehicle, or two, or twelve vehicles to show off her style and her riches.

List of Vehicles Edit

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